What is Real Human Fitness?


Real Human Fitness is an Athletic Performance and Movement Practice.  What that means is, to be fit means to be athletic and to be athletic means to move well.  I call it a practice because success and results never never show up over night.  It takes TIME! 

To be a better athlete, to improve your fitness and your health there are no quick-fixes, no life hacks or short cuts.  Only hard work and consistency over time will get results.  




Real is what we have removed ourselves from and find ourselves longing for in this modern world.  Real is the natural world around us, a genuine conversation with another person, something you make using your own hands.  The real things in life are everywhere, the challenge is getting off of our phones and computers long enough to appreciate what's there.  




As humans, we are meant to be athletic creatures, not frail, flat-footed, tech-necked extensions of our cell phones.  The ability to display some degree of athleticism (quality movement) in our environment is a primal survival mechanism.  We were designed to move, to play and explore our surroundings.  Yet more and more of us are losing our basic athletic abilities due to the conveniences of the modern world. 

Humans didn’t make it to the top of the food chain by eating junk from a cardboard box.  We are meant to eat both the plants and animals from the earth and to sleep under the stars.   It seems as though our cultures idea ofhealth and fitness has been reduced to little more than breaking a sweat and eating fewer calories.  However, the reality is that performance and health are both related to how we interact with ourselves, each other and the world around us.  We must learn how how to adapt to life in a modern world while still retaining our primal abilities to move, eat and live like real humans.



Whether you consider yourself an athlete, a recreational explorer, or just a regular person with a busy schedule, there is a need to express a higher than average level of fitness and athleticism.  Real Human Fitness is the ability to express real strength, power and movement needed to be a well-functioning human being, capable of doing the things you love to do on a daily basis.  The weight room is merely a tool to help you train these qualities with the goal being to use them in every-day life.  Whether that be in the back yard with your kids or in the mountains with some adventurous friends.  Learn to be strong, powerful and to move well, so that you can enjoy life's adventure.